1.             2.
to Qualify for "Camera Ready" pricing:
100 pieces are required for 4 Color Process

144 pieces are required for Simulated Process
     printed on black & dark colored garments
     that require special film separations.
4 Color Process inks are transparent , printed on top of each other to
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Our minimums for Screen Printed designs:
24pc = One to Three colors of SPOT ink
36pc = Four to Six colors of SPOT ink
72pc = Four to Eight colors of SPOT ink
100pc = Four Color process on lights only
144pc = Simulated Process on darks
Re-Orders require 6 piece minimums
The Production Ready Art Standards
colors are
solid Opaque =
shirt color is blocked
Acceptable Formats for digital Electronic
Art for Spot Ink color imprinting.

1. Vector Art:
2. PDF with vector file
   saved "uncompressed"
3. EPS  (encapsulated post script)
4. Adobe Illustrator – AI
      Version CS2, or higher
  all fonts changed to "outlines"
  > right click on text
  > select change to outlines
6. CorelDRAW – CDR
      Version X5, or higher
   all fonts changed to "curves"
7. Send Fonts with files as .ttf or .otf

NOTE: These formats are also acceptable
for art that contains both raster/bitmap
art and vector art in the same graphics file. 

All files must be created in approved
professional graphics software.

>>Files saved without vector data or from unapproved software are not considered Production Ready Artwork or "camera ready".
There will be art charges added for
Non-Production Ready artwork files.

PDF at final imprint size
TIFF at final imprint size
Unacceptable Formats for Electronic Art
1. PowerPoint
2. Word
3. Excel
4. Publisher
5. JPEG or PNG
6. GIF
7. Scans of logo, letterhead
      or business cards
8. Page layout files
   (Quark, PageMaker, InDesign)
! ! NOTE: The above formats explicitly do not comply with Production Ready Art Standards and if submitted, will incur cleanup charges. This is list of the most common unacceptable formats
Vector Art
  or Corel  > >
hard edge art


Bitmap JPEG
PhotoShop or
  PhotoPaint  > >
fuzzy edge art
AVOID Mistakes
in your Digital Files
Smashing Magazine TIPS
from a Graphics
Drawing program             
FILE from a
Paint program
ARTWORK Guidelines
define the quality criteria
that determine the readiness
of each of four common
artwork formats. PPAI website
abcs of garment decorating
Vector Art from
Illustrator or Corel =
hard edge art
Pixel Bitmap JPEG from PhotoShop
or PhotoPaint =  fuzzy edge art
NOTE:  There is always a shift in colors from an original art file to the final
screen printed product. Your monitor and inkjet printer can not
duplicate what is done in the screen printing process.
1. Cyan ink        2. Magenta ink     3. Yellow ink       4. Black ink         = 4 Color Process
Minimum of 4 screens are required:
4 Color Process
ink colors are thin
& Transparent =
shirt color shows thru
How To Prepare
Artwork for Screen Printing in Adobe Illustrator
ALL Fonts converted to Curves:
CorelDraw:   Save original file and make a new copy. Open file copy. Highlight or select all text. Go to drop
                   down menu on tool bar and select arrange, then drag or scroll down to convert to curves. Save file.
Free Hand:  Save original file and make a copy. Open file copy. Highlight or select all text, then select convert
                       to paths from tool bar. Save file.
Illustrator:   Save original file and make a copy. Open the new copy of that design. Highlight or select all text, 
                      Right click, then select "create outlines" in small open window or from tool bar. Save file.
Attention Adobe Illustrator users! We receive daily a number of customer designs in the Illustrator (.AI / .EPS) format. We have run into a few problems in conversions, fonts, etc. on some of the designs. We need you to follow these guidelines to allow faster processing of your orders:
1) We accept CS2 Illustrator formats only.     2) Use "Create Outlines" on all designs that include text.
Do you want to reduce art charges? Here are several options:
Microsoft Office FREE Clip Art
Search for VECTOR art files which are scaleable so you can enlarge the small images.  (not raster JPEG bitmap)
EPS, wmf, SVG formats allow you to change or modify the vector clipart.      File Formats defined on wikipedia
Use our FONT LIST or go to dafont.com  to choose a font & send us the font style name!
Pay for 1 week subscription to Clipart.com  Download their quota of any clipart images for one full week.
How to get FREE Clip Art
Free Clipart LINKS:
Also MyFonts.com has many fonts as free downloads, watch for "some free" to the left side of Font names.
Learn about:    wikipedia.org/wiki/Openclipart  
then visit the
OpenClipart.org website for free Vector clip art
Public domain image resources:
download from Google images, also from BING  for
Send all FONTS with your files. They need to be .otf or .ttf
Find them in your Font Folder or . . . convert fonts to Curves or Outlines
Raster Art = pixel bitmaps
How to get FREE Clip Art
Embroidered garments:
12 pieces for one or multi color thread designs

All Re-Orders require the correct minimums per design.
   * Repeat designs = no change in design,
     have no set-up charges.
blend to make the                                        of colors
NOTE: Adobe PhotoShop files (.psd) are raster images, NOT vector images
Vector files can be saved as a Raster, but a Raster cannot be saved as a Vector.
Vectors can only be created from scratch.
Google Fonts : 5 Font Categories  =  Serif - Sans Serif - Display - Handwriting - Monospace
identiFONT  =  18 Different Font Categories for easy to locate the best font for your design
Fontspring  =  Fontspring has tons of free fonts for designers on a budget!
Vector =  uses a series of points or nodes and outlines or paths to create shapes
that can be filled or outlined with color.   Artwork can then  be enlarged without
affecting the sharpness of the image.  
Raster = creates a tonal series of small dots or pixels and because it loses sharpness
when enlarged, decide the largest size needed to produce a product before creating
the file.  Enlarging raster (bitmap) art will cause it to be fuzzy and out of focus.
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