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Sarasota Promotional Products
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Mugs:  Are just the beginning of a long
list of imprintable items we offer.

If it can be printed, we can provide it for
you. Logo Magnets, Key Tags, Can Coolers, and Pens are some of the more popular
items we have. These "promotional" items
are also economical.

Ceramic Mugs for example can cost
as low as $1.00 each, 144 minimum
with a screen print on both sides!   
Contact us for more details.

Magnetic Signs for Fleet Vehicles,
Delivery Trucks & promoting your
business.  Make sure your auto is
not Fiberglass!
                  See examples below . . .
Advertising Specialty - Promotional Items
Weatherproof Labels
& Bumper Stickers
Magnetic Signs
12 x 18"
12 x 18"
Two Color

  One Color
Three Color
16 x 20"
Digital Printing:                           Viynl Cut:
Sold in Pairs
for Best
Pricing $$
Ceramic Coffee MUGS
Each Promotional item
has a required minimum
per order - contact us.
Banners . . . are the ideal solution for a wide range
of signage needs.
Promotional banners provide the advertising impact
of a billboard at a fraction of the cost. They are most effective when used to complement or reinforce other advertising media, thereby increasing the overall efficiency of your advertising budget.

Custom Banners - Magnetic Signs - Business Cards
Business Cards
Both sides
UV Coated
16pt paper

  500 = $45
1,000 = $52
approx. cost
Plus Art set-up
Yard Signs
12x18 Corrugated White Signs
Imprinted: 1 side or 2 sides
10x30 H frame wire
18x24 Corrugated White Signs
Imprinted: 1 side or 2 sides
10x30 H frame wire
See Colors HERE
PPAI Member
PPAI study of American consumers surveyed revealed that . . .
83 percent of participants exposed to promotional products advertising within a one-year period recalled the company or brand advertised, while 75 percent remembered the advertising message. Promotional products had a far greater recall rate for these consumers when compared to television, print and online ads in the immediate past two-week period.
PPAI Member
NOTE: 20 percent of consumers reported making a purchase within one year after receiving
the promotional product, while only 13.4 percent had made a purchase after seeing a print ad
in the immediate past two weeks, 7.1 percent had made a purchase after seeing a TV ad in the immediate past two weeks and 4.6 percent made a purchase after seeing an online ad in the immediate past two weeks.
Foam Folding
Can Koozie
• 52% have a better impression of your business 
• 76% recall your name on items  
• 50% use your items daily
• 52% do business after getting items  
• 55 keep items more than 1 year
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