Fishing T-shirt DesignsFishing T-shirt Designs
Fishing T-shirt DesignsFishing T-shirt DesignsFishing T-shirt Designs
Fishing T-shirt DesignsFishing T-shirt DesignsFishing T-shirt DesignsFishing T-shirt Designs
Fishing T-shirt DesignsFishing T-shirt DesignsFishing T-shirt Designs
Fishing T-shirt DesignsFishing T-shirt Designs
Fishing T-shirt Designs
Fishing T-shirt DesignsFishing T-shirt Designs
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Learn about QR Codes HERE - QR Droid website
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Back in the USA is more than a song written by Chuck Berry and issued
as a single way back in 1959 by Chess Records. It is the current cry of many
North American Screen Printers asking for manufacturers to bring work
back to the USA. Support your local businesses - owned by your neighbors!

Because of these growing concerns when moving manufacturing offshore:
1. Wages and benefits are growing rapidly in China.
2. The risks of operating supply chains that stretch halfway around the world are growing.
3. Rising transportation costs and the threat of import duties.
4. Less product flexibility, slower time to market.
5. Intellectual property theft and product safety/reputation risks.
All of these factors are translating into making U. S. manufacturing more appealing.
Let your elected Officials in the US Senate & Congress know your opinion!
Find your U. S. Senator -
Find your U. S. Congressman -
Promotional Items - Advertising Specialties
Promote "YOU"rself . . . The task of promoting your business always
remains at the top of your to-do lists. Whether you’re a new business
spreading the word about your new venture or you're an established
company that’s attempting to broaden your customer base, using an
advertising campaign should be an integral part of your growth strategy.
We’re all guilty of it . . .
We whine and we moan but the cause of our wallet pain is unfortunately an inevitable reality. Costs at the gas pump, the grocery store and “yes” our wholesale prices are
rising daily. In the past year, we have seen spikes in everything from cotton and
polyester to emulsions, inks and transfer papers.
Labor rates are rising across borders worldwide.
Workers who initially moved from agricultural farming communities into manufacturing jobs are now moving into less labor-intensive jobs that offer more money that improve
the quality of life for their families. Indeed, this “urbanization of developing countries”
is good for humanity but is creating a different reality in terms of materials costs.
Small businesses are offering cheaper alternatives as markets could start to become more stable but commodities tend to continue to be unpredictable.

Our goal is to keep your project costs down
- we want your business to succeed - then we all win.
Here are 3 great options to $ave you money on artwork charges:

1. SEARCH: BING clipart then images, GOOGLE images

2. is $14.95 for 1 week of downloads

3. Fonts are Free at or our list of over 100

Visit our Art Files web page for more details & live links to sites above.
How to get FREE Clip Art
So you want to Launch a T-Shirt Line to sell on your website??
Or one by one on Pinterest, ebay, etsy, zazzle... there are tons of these websites!
  The biggest indicator of likely success is your attitude, including honesty about
the practicality of the garment color and it's appeal to multiple age groups.
   Developers tend to design a line of shirts from the inside out, or as a retail shop owner said, “New T-shirt lines seem to be designed in a bubble. The designer or developer of the shirt line only asks feedback from friends, employees, and family - all of whom are unlikely to give brutally honest opinions.”
  And honesty about your designs and garment styles will mean your success!
It’s a QR Digital World: QR codes are everywhere . . .
on Realtor signs, postcards & fliers, auto wraps and YES, even on T-Shirts!
We have imprinted our QR code at less than 1 inch square on T-shirts. It works great
on reverse colors too: White imprint on dark shirt colors - letting the dark shirt color
show thru to be the dark part of the image.

Our Customers go online to any QR code “generator” website to create the code image, then they email us a JPEG. Even better send us a “scalable” version that man QR code generators offer.
<  Here are 2 links to learn more about QR codes.  >
Are you an average guy?? On average, men need 7 advertisement exposures
or "touches" to become aware of an advertised item. Women need only 4 !

Keep your Company Name or Event visible by using several different types of promotional items & media "give aways": T-Shirts, Bumper Stickers, Hats, Pens, Coolie Can Wraps, Tote Bags, Embroidered Golf Shirts, Bistro Mugs and more!!
Someone wants your customer . . .
Our goal is to make YOU standout from your competition and other businesses.      Your customers are in a highly pitched battle and probably competition in your
industry is extremely intense. This can be seen in your everyday life. Look at the competition in cars, retail stores, beer brands, computers, etc., all for your dollar.
And this extends into your business, private school, or event sector.
  Whether it’s a 5K Run non-profit fundraiser or for your small local plumbing
company . . . will make your promotional items get attention!
Don't Cheap Out . . . Contrary to popular opinion, most purchasing is not based
on the lowest price. Service is a key component in many buying decisions and
can take many forms: shorter turnaround in shipping, our customer-friendly
website, the way we deal with problems quickly for customer deadlines.
   Excellent Service & Quality should be your deciding factor.
Forrest Gump said “cheap is as cheap does” or something like that?
Your investment “value” in staff or event shirts stays visible in your
community for months ... even years. Make it count $ $ $ $ $
Wholesale T-shirt Pricing
Ladies garment styles with a form fitting Rib, 2x2 Rib, Spandex and thin wicking performance fabrics (as well as others) must be approved by the purchaser, who has been made fully aware of these contour fitting garments.
See our Sizing Charts HERE
We don't like surprises . . . not at our customers expense:
Dramatic, Eye-catching, on & on . . .   When you place your name and
logo on a T-shirt, hat, sweatshirt, or other custom clothing items, each person
who wears it becomes a walking "Promotion" for your business. Plus promotional apparel offers a huge variety of styles and colors, so it’s easy to find just the
right wearable Promo garment for your organization, event, or campaign.

Why are there vehicle wraps... they work! You're logo is competing for attention
& we'll guide you to the most effective Promo products to fit any occasion, your budget, and your taste! T-shirts to pens & every item in-between.
COLOR GAMUT: Your Monitor & Print Out colors don't match!
Computer monitors & web sites use RGB but your inkjet uses CMYK.
See how they do not match? There will always be a shift in printed colors
when you supply an RGB digital file instead of the correct CMYK file when
the "4 color process" (full color) screen printing method is used for your project.
color model
Learn about COLOR printing for T-shirts
Learn About COLOR
What COLOR Makes you FEEL great, relaxed or powerful?
We all go through "favorite color" phases. It has been discovered that personality traits
are reflected by your preferred color. Extroverts favor RED, introverts prefer BLUE, and YELLOW is the choice of intellectuals, and well-balanced individuals tend to go for GREEN.

Apart from recognizing whether something suits you or not, an inner sense tells you which color to wear. Deny this feeling and you could be ignoring a benevolent influence. For example, red increases energy and promotes free movement. If you have a sudden desire to wear red it could indicate that you are about to experience a tiring day and need all the help you can get. Interestingly when traffic lights were first introduced people had great difficulty stopping for the red light because on a psychological level red means GO and
green means STOP.       Read an article on healing Color Therapy HERE
Do Colors make you feel better?
You've been caught . . . Stationery company Paper Mate recently
conducted a survey about office theft and came to a bold conclusion:
100 percent of respondents admitted to stealing pens from coworkers. Out of the 1,000 Americans interviewed as part of the telephone survey, every last one conceded that they had taken a pen from someone else in the office, with many (22 percent) admitting to stealing the pens deliberately.

Pens are the most stolen product in the office world!
If Paper Mate's survey is to be believed (and I see no reason it shouldn't be) and if everyone steals pens, then it's very likely that every promotional pen given out will change hands at least once. When that happens, its cost-per-impression value doubles.    Get your own pens . . . and steal no more!
Leave your PENS with a business card - pens won't get tossed or filed away.
Promotional Items - Pens
Why COLOR matters in your logo or artwork . . . A Stroop Test asks the subject to read aloud
3 different lines, and measures the length of time required to read each one. Ready, set , GO!
Stroop times how long it took participants to read aloud each of the three lines, and
then compared their times. Indeed, the second line universally took the longest to read.
This is because the language input (text of the color name) conflicted with the visual
input (color it was printed in), and the brain needed extra time to resolve the conflict.
Our customer purposely uses the "wrong" color for shock value:
Plus he says he's was tried of green all day long! Does it work?
More about COLOR
Is it time for a NEW logo?  Let us update your current logo!
Just because you are bored with your Logo icon is not a good
reason to start from scratch with an “all” new logo design.

Let’s make use of the millions of dollars spent on the design
counseling given to these corporations shown here.
Did they change their colors? . . . nope
Did they abandon the shape of their Logo? . . . nope

What they all decided to do was “update” their existing logos.
This keeps continuity in the market place. Current customers
still recognize the vehicle signage, employees still wear
garments in the same shade of color.

Now the logos look stylized to keep up with the times.
Too many letters in your website name?
Have you ever looked at a website address and had a hard time reading it
because all the letters seemed jumbled together? All the letters were the same
color and all in lower case or upper case. UGH! That is no way to show your
web address off! Make sure to use UPPER CASE letters for the first letter of
each word in your web address so people can read it. You can also change
the colors of words to make the individual words stand out.
Examples are or
This will give you the advantage & make sure people can read your web address.
color model
Leave it behind . . . Are you getting your "name" out there - is it working?
Can they remember you in 90 days when customers need to contact you again?
How are prospective new members, current clients or recent customers actually finding your phone number, email or website - so they can contact you!

Put your "contact information" out there for "keeps" . . .
- Leave a LABEL on the cabinet doors you installed
- Leave a PEN on the counter when you sign a check
- Leave an ID (weatherproof) DECAL on the A/C unit you repaired

Now where is that guys number? . . . Oh yeah, it's on that pen by the phone!
Promotional Items
Small - Medium - Large or up to 5X T-shirts . . . 
Is this your first Order of imprinted T-shirts or
garments? How do you know what sizes to
purchase for your business event or retail sales?

This scale shows an average % percentage
of garments per size are for larger orders.
Whether it's Screen Printed or Embroidered
hats, staff shirts, school clubs, or athletic events.
What sizes do you need?
Industry Scale for Ordering shirts:
= 5% of total order
= 16%
= 34%
= 34%
= 10%
= 1-2%
  The best logos ...that I can name were not designed for a “target market.”
They were designed for the owner of the logo. Each was an expression of what
he or she loved and valued. An enterprise is often an expression of its founder’s vision and personality or an internal culture that it’s acquired over time. The logo, expressing those things, is full of life.
On the other hand, a logo designed for a “target market” is an image without a soul. How could it be otherwise? A “market” has no face, no heart, no hands, no smile. It cannot buy your product or appreciate your art or contribute to your cause. It is a statistic, literally, dead as a rock. It is nothing.
Think about kids naming their new soccer team. They’ll pick names that they like.
Read about more ideas from John McWade of  Before&After
Garment Colors HERE
INKS? what color looks good on my
garment choice? Let us help you get thru
the decision making process easily. >>
Ink Colors for T-shirts
See Ink Colors Swatches
WHITE or PINK which ink color did you Order?
A: When a cranberry, 100% polyester garment is screen printed with a pure
white ink it can take on a pinkish cast, indicating that the fabric was exposed
to excessive heat during the printing process = ERROR
B: The same print on the same fabric should look like this = CORRECT
C: This is dye migration in a 50/50 polyester/cotton fabric. = ERROR
D: The same print on the same fabric should look like this = CORRECT
  Quality = We don't let customers get PINKED when they Order WHITE imprints!
Can they SEE me now?
Try sending 1.4 million emails promoting your business - how many will respond?
73% open it, 21% click-through to your website, normal amount will "unsubscribe".
The "Reply To" inbox had 2,714 emails from recipients, each recommending just what they could do with their spam broadcast emails!
NOW . . . if you had invested in T-shirts with Front and Back imprints?
100% of everyone looking at your T-shirt will "SEE" your business phone number
or non-profit organization website address. 100% is a hard number to beat!
Find a PMS Color online HERE
MATCHING your logo colors?
Find the best matches for
PANTONE PMS color codes >>
COLOR? which garment color?
<< Here are some options to choose from,
    compare one to another,
    selections in Brights, NEONS,
    earth-tones, and Dark shades.
Washing TIPS
Tough Uniform Stains
Fels-Naptha Soap is the best for washing red clay from Baseball uniforms & even sports equipment. Lather up soap bar, soak items 1hr, rinse off or wash per the label instructions in washing machine.
ODOR control for Wicking Shirts & Workout garments . . .
Everyone's PH is different so we're going to have lots of opinions on this issue!
Here are some TIPS for getting the bacteria out of the
Technical Fabrics for T-shirts, so the body odor washes out!

        READ all 7 TIPS for keeping your garment smelling fresh . . . HERE
Read all about it
Washing TIPS
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It's a GUY thing!
HATS have to fit
just right and our showroom has
over 40 styles
to try on.
Come on in . . .
MAP & Directions
= 100% Total Order
For a Strong America . . . Support your LOCAL businesses, they are your neighbor's jobs that you are investing your money in to.  Give your local shop the opportunity to do your screen printing & embroidery.
Process Color* uses special inks. You need the colors of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black. These inks are very thin & transparent, they require fine mesh screens. They
work well on light shirts but tend to mute down if printed on an under-base of white ink needed for dark shirt colors. That is why they are rarely used on black shirts.
Spot color* designs call for a specific ink color that will produce a true shade.
Spot Color imprinting uses standard plastisol inks. These opaque inks give high
opacity imprints on all garment colors and fabrics.
Simulated Process* printing creates realistic prints on light and dark shirts using opaque plastisol inks (not transparent process inks). Simulated Process sets halftone
dots on top of another color which then creates a full spectrum of colors as the human
eye looks upon the final imprint. Yet... Simulated Process only uses basic spot colors. 
INK  INK  INK  - 3 options for direct screen printing:
*NOTE: Each process above requires different "minimum" Orders - see Wholesale Pricing page
Art File Requirements
Designing for garment imprinting needs a structured plan from start to finish!
Missing a step can cost the desired outcome, sales or even more charges ($$).
Plan your artwork . . . then work your plan!
Wear RED on Fridays - Support Our Troops!
Collapsible Pocket
Can Wrap
See Colors HERE
Foam Folding Can Koozie
Read below . . .
• What is the type of garment? color? material content?
• What type of printing? 4 color process? Spot color?
• What size does the art need to be? child? adult? left chest?
• What are the ink opacity requirements? bright? muted? glossy? matte?
• Is an underlay required? bright ink on darks? specialty inks?
• What are the registration requirements? butt-to-butt? trap? overprint?
• What are the production capabilities? auto? manual? number of colors?
Can you describe what your business does - clearly, straight forward and
in a way that will visually connect with your future customers?
    Choose one message to focus on - don’t overload the viewer:
        Too many colors = don’t confuse your logo with a competitors logo
        Fancy font styles = hard to read old English or curly Tattoo scripts
        Busy backgrounds = like auto wraps where your logo is lost
        Too many bullet points = viewers stop reading after 3
Facts they can remember: Name, Business Description, City, Phone, Website
LESS IS MORE . . . keep it simple!
Is the Blue dye from your new Jeans rubbing off on your T-shirts?
If your sofa, car seat, or purse is suddenly looking more blue you are not alone!
Why: Due to increased chlorine in your tap water is causing manufacturers to overdye jeans so they won’t fade in your washing machine. The excess is going to bleed on to your stuff.
Answer: Use Cold Water to launder all new jeans (every color) in-side out before you
wear them. After drying them, rub a paper towel over them to see if the are still going to bleed. Repeat washing in-side out until excess dye is gone.
You'll notice that many jeans will even have a disclaimer tag on them that indicate that the indigo dye process used to manufacture the jeans will bleed. This tag will also advise you
to wash them immediately.
Try Cheer “Stay Colorful” for Darks laundry detergent. $11 for 96 loads
Fill the fabric softner automatic dispenser with Distilled White Vinegar. The vinegar
will help seal the dye within the fabric so that they won’t continue to bleed. At the
very minimum, the added vinegar should at least lesson the amount in which the
indigo dye bleeds and stains other fabrics. You can also try soaking your jeans in
a mix of cold water and vinegar if you are hand washing your jeans. Hand washing
is highly advisable if you are concerned about your jeans retaining their shape.
Get rid of LINT on Dark garments (or all colors) by filling the fabric softner automatic
dispenser with Distilled White Vinegar, wash as you normally would. Now place a
fabric softner sheet or a cloth soaked in fabric softner into the dryer cycle instead.
Full Color =
Four Color Process
graphics Drawing program
from a Paint program
Vector Art from Illustrator
or Corel = smooth edge art
Bitmap JPEG from PhotoShop
PhotoPaint =  fuzzy edge art
Find FREE Fonts for T-shirt Designs
Rock your next SCREEN PRINT Order with bold graphic lettering!
Stand out next to the boring one color by using 3 to 4 colors of ink instead.
Customize your own designs with new graphic font styles.
We have over 6,000 different Font styles or find your own on
Free FONTS for printed T-shirts
Visit our imprinting resources:   Art File Info     Four Color Process     Designing Tips
HOT COLORS or COOL COLORS . . . thoughts from Pantone:
Throughout history, RED has signaled excitement, dynamism and heat. The color of life and the color of danger, the color of romance and the color of excitement, red elicits the strongest of emotions in every culture. Red is the highest arc of the rainbow, the longest wavelength of color and is believed to be the first color that a baby sees. Just as a child is drawn to candy, we are irresistibly drawn to red; a physiological attraction that is beyond our control. Advancing forward in our line of vision, it is the never-to-be-ignored hue that instantly commands our attention from early infancy on.
From the quiet cool of the azure sky above to the thought-provoking inky blues
of the ocean depths below, the blues are a color range of infinite possibilities.
BLUE is the most dominant color in our natural habitat, the blues are the most globally accepted color range. With most connections to blue derived from a non-turbulent sea and sky, the human mind embraces the concept of blue as tranquil
and constant, translating this color range into a symbolic image of dependability
and trust.
Our customers are necessary for our business to succeed!
They are the ones who run our business. We have to meet their demands,
or we are out of business. Building the business is one thing, but keeping it running is the real challenge. We need to learn to manage the expectations
of our clients and all the sales plus so much more . . .
Our goal is to make "you" our customers happy.
Once your company establishes a strong Logo brand, it’s crucial to make sure customers can easily identify your unique logo. Putting your logo on uniforms
your employees wear promotes multiple purposes. Not only does it encourage a sense of team morality for employees, it also ensures safety for your customers
by easily identifying workers. Many gated communities do not allow service employees on the grounds unless they are wearing garments with a company
Logo for immediate identification. Can they “SEE” you now?
Why is a Strong Company Logo so important for your company?
Logo Printwear can be paired with imprinted pens, magnets
or other promotional items. We can be your one stop-shop for
your advertising campaigns. Don’t miss out on every opportunity
to reach new customers or thank your current ones by leaving
behind your Logo imprinted item that will remind them of your
great service! 

Contact us for a QUOTE!

Promtional Items
PROMOTE YOURSELF . . . with a winning campaign:
T-shirt Design Blog - FYI - NEWS
This page was last updated: August 14, 2018
LETTERING Visibility . . . 
Can you read your printed company Name on your T-shirts from a distance?
Can future customers really read your phone number and contact information?

The box line approximates a 12"x12" area of the front of a Medium Adult T-shirt.

Subtle or Bold, it's your choice for the presentation and impact your staff or
event T-shirts will have on the viewing public.
More on Art File web page
Columbia Sporstwear
We are now offering
Columbia Sportswear
Men's & Ladies' Fishing Shirts

View the Styles & Colors HERE
Select a Shirt COLOR
Pick a Color . . . ANY Color: Your favorite sports team, a flower, an organization or even a political party.
See our INK Colors to make your Shirts look just like you want for your Business Staff or School event.
Stand out in a crowd or try to blend in!
CHECK LIST for project success:
~ Great Inspirational Ideas
~ Vibrant Colors
~ Design for Impact, captivate the viewer
~ Clear Statement, clear message
~ Pointed to your target audience
~ Stay Focused - simplify lettering
~ Keep to the budget

And remember this old but true guideline:
     Good work ain't cheap,
     Cheap work ain't good!
INK Colors
CUSTOM Ink Color Matching
NOTE: Above 3 different greens on Computer Monitors & Inkjet Printers will show slight variations of color shades compared to the actual garments or screen print inks shown in digital proposals on screen.
We use Plastisol Inks that are mixed to the PANTONE Matching System - PMS Specific formulated colors used in all the printing industries, from papers, plastics, & textiles. Custom charges will appy.

All Spot Color designs submitted need to have this numbering system for the individual separations,
like 1235 Yellow or 286 Royal Blue.

View a PDF PANTONE® PMS # color chart
to select your ink colors.
See this site for more info than you'll
ever need on color:
4 Color Process page
for T-shirt
You’re creative. And you know that creative people have a gazillion ideas bounding into their brains at all times. Call it the creative curse, the “bright shiny object” syndrome, or your own funny quirks, the fact is, your mind does wander
off task whenever something interesting floats by.

This isn’t helpful if you’re overwhelmed, stressed with a deadline, and trying to
get the current T-shirt design produced for your event.

Stay focused on the goal. Simple. Clean. Period!
That’s all you really need to get your message across to your customer.
GARMENT SIZING - For the whole family
Shirt sizes for the whole Family!
5X-Large to Infants
18"x18" max area
BANDANAS  20" x 20"
See More Bandanas HERE
See More Bandanas HERE
- save costs
- mailouts
- give aways
- make pillows
- wall / posters
- add to any order
BANDANAS in 25 colors
See More Bandanas HERE
MAXIMUM Imprint area
is 18"x18"
36 piece minimum for
1 to 4 Spot color designs.
25 Bandana Fabric Colors
Use your T-shirt design on a 20x20 Bandana:
STOP Fading . . . Turn DARK garments inside out. The surface of the
fabric directly exposed to the abrasive washing cycle is the surface that will receive
the most wear. As a result, the dye will fade first on the surface always facing out
during the laundry. Preserve the outside of dark clothing by turning each garment
inside out before you wash it.
~Dark colors fade due to the friction that results when clothes rub against each
  other in the washing machine.
~More precisely, friction causes the fibers to break, and the ends of those fibers
  are exposed. Since the surface of the fabric is disrupted, the human eye sees less
  color, even when no dye has actually been lost.
~You can further reduce the amount of abrasion and friction your clothes experience
  by closing zippers and fastening any hooks. homepage
To ALL our Customers, for using our services - WE THANK YOU!
  2018 makes 32 years in business . . . and Yes, we did build our business.
Our small business has: Paid salaries for Americans, Purchased from
American factories, Supported our Troops thru donations to the USO and
Operation 2nd Chance, "Willingly" paid tax dollars for roads and utilities
throughout our beloved America.
          Here's to every small businesses making America Great in 2018!
Ultra Violet
Every year since 2000, Pantone has chosen
a color that reflects the current cultural climate. In the following year, the color has historically influenced trends in all facets of American design—architecture, interior décor, fashion, food, travel—the list goes on.
A dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade, PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet
communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future. 
Complex and contemplative, Ultra Violet suggests the mysteries of the cosmos, the intrigue of what lies ahead,
and the discoveries beyond where we are now. The vast and limitless night sky is symbolic of what is possible
and continues to inspire the desire to pursue a world beyond our own.
• 52% have a better impression of your business

• 76% recall your name on items  

• 50% use your items daily

• 52% do business after getting items  

• 55 keep items more than 1 year
Donate to Diaster Relief
DONATE to U.S. DISASTER RELIEF & Crisis Response
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Fishing T-shirt DesignsFishing T-shirt DesignsFishing T-shirt Designs
Fishing T-shirt DesignsFishing T-shirt DesignsFishing T-shirt DesignsFishing T-shirt Designs
Fishing T-shirt DesignsFishing T-shirt DesignsFishing T-shirt Designs
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